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All the following Products are available without prescription from 77 Canada Pharmacy:

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- Buy Lantus Insulin With Prescription

What is lantus and what is the price?
This is known as Lantus Insulina outside of the USA and the price is in United States dollars. This shot is taken at the same time each day for people wanting to get control of their blood sugar levels. Lantus works very well with minimal side effects and is just as effective as Premix and NPH. There is no peak and the release is steady for people with type 2 two diabetes. The common side effects are hypoglycemia and if you have an allerygy to insulin do not use. The price does not inlude the cost of shipping from Canada. Generic Lantus is not available.

Order Over The Counter (OTC) Lantus

BD Insulin Needles
- Buy Syringes with Prescription

Where can you purchase BD syringes? We have a large selection of BD syringes and needles for sale for insulin injection for people with diabetes. They come in various guage and length as well as Ultra Fine and and Ultrafine ii short. All are available with no RX and come in short and large needle sizes. These medical syringes are not prefilled and are for diabetic use. All products are listed in U.S.A. dollars and to not include the price of shipping.

Order Insulin Syringes and Needles With No Prescription

- Buy Humalog Insulin and Pen With No Prescription

What forms does Humalog come in?
This is an insulin that is fast acting and used from everything such as diabetes to body building. It is available in a wide variety of forms including, pen, Pens mix, 75 25, 3ML Cartridge, and 10ml vials for injection. Before beginning to use either the pen or injecting you should see your doctor and go over the possible side effects and dangers. He or she will also give you a recommended dosage. You can also look online for review web sites and forums for testimonials of people using Humalog. Generic Humalog is not available for sale.

Order Humalog Online

Humulin N, R, 70/30
- Buy Humulin N, R, Cartridge and 30 / 70

What form does Humulin come in?
Humulin is available from Canada in a variety of types for people with diabetes and can by used for bodybuilding. The vials our supplier has for sale is Humulin R, N, I, 70 30 cartridge and cartridges. Generic Humulin is not available as of yet and you can order as an over the counter OTC product. We also have syringes, needles and various other diabetes products available for sale from online drugstore.

purchase Humulin R, N, Cartridges and 30 / 70 With No RX From Canada

Novofine Insulin Needles
- Buy Novofine 30 and 28 Disposable Needles

What guage does Novofine Needles come in?
These needles were invented for easy injection with less pain than traditiononal needles. They are disposable and come in the following guage: 28G 12MM, 30G 8MM, and 30 G 6 MM. They are sold in boxes of 100 and the cost is listed in U.S.A. dollars. Always read in the directions and information when injecting a syringe or needle.

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Novolin N / 70 30 / R
- Buy Novolin N, 70 30 and R with Prescription

What form is Novolin for sale in?
This is for diabetes and can be used for body building and some veterinarians may use it for cats or dogs. For people looking for information on the difference between Novolin and other types of insulins we suggest you look for online forums and information. This is available in the following: 30/70 10ml vial, GE 30 / 70 Penfill 3ml Cartridge, 40 / 60 Penfill Cartridge, 50 / 50, NPH, NPH Cartridge, GE Toronto Vials, GE Toronto Penfill cartridges. Generic Novolin is not available.

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- Buy Novolog Insulin with prescription

What form does Novolog come in?
This insulin is called Novorapid in Canada and referred to as Novolog in the United States. This comes in flexpen form as well as Penfill. This is very fast acting and helps people with diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) If you do not have medicare, insurance or other types of medical policies you can order all insulins with no prescription from Canada.

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Caninsulin / Vetsulin
- Buy Vetsulin For Cats and Dogs

What is Vetsulin / Caninsulin?
This veterinary medicine for dogs cats, (feline & canine) is called Caninsulin in Canada and Vetsulin in the USA. You can purchase it from Canada to the U.S.A. with prescription. It comes in 10 X 2.5 ml vial or 30 Caninsulin syringes of 40 / IU. This is approved for sale by the FDA in the USA and health Canada. Please consult with your vet before giving your cat or dog this medication.

Order Discount Vetsulin / Caninsulin From Canada

77 Canada Pharmacy has the largest selection of discount, cheap and low cost insulins from Canada. All prices are in USA dollars and does not include the cost of receiving. For information on diabetes and warning, dangers, side effects regarding dosage, alcohol and withdrawl we suggest you look for a forum on diabetic conditions.

Currently we have the following diabetes medicines available for buying:

Caninsulin / Vetsulin
Novolin N / 70 30 / R
Novofine Insulin Needles
Humulin N, R, 70/30
BD Insulin Needles


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